Box For Wood Storage | Toy Box Wood

Box For Wood Storage | Toy Box Wood

Protect the goods from the invasion and impact of foreign objects, such as impact, heavy pressure during storage and transportation, and deterioration, deformation or damage after humidity, high temperature or contact with chemicals. Therefore, gift packaging boxes, packaging structure, materials, etc. In the design and application, the physical, chemical, physiological and other factors of the commodity should be considered as a whole, and the protection of the packaging should be placed in an important position.
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Convenient wooden box packaging

In the main links of production-circulation-sales, wooden box packaging should first be convenient for the production of goods and adapt to the process operation. Then, it is necessary to facilitate the circulation of commodities, so that they can be loaded and unloaded labor-savingly and stacked firmly.
In the process of commodity sales, it is conducive to the display of shelves and windows, and is conducive to classified storage, dismantling, and distribution, and provides convenience for identification, picking, classification, grading, warehousing inspection points, and warehouse exchange, etc., so as to distinguish responsibilities, Wooden box packaging box structure design problems that need attention gift packaging box, improve work efficiency, easy for consumers to carry and use, wine box packaging.

Convenient wooden box packaging

Advantages of Wood Box

Wooden boxes are valuable and reusable, we can recommend different materials according to customers' products.
The wooden box has a simple texture, which can best reflect the retro atmosphere. The wooden box itself has high economic value and ornamental value.
Wooden boxes are stronger than gift boxes of other materials and can protect valuables.
Wooden boxes are more durable and can be reused.
Because of the high-end wood, it can improve the grade of our products and gifts, suitable for commercial use and gift giving.
The wooden box is more original and environmentally friendly.

Advantages of Wood Box

Features of wooden boxes

(1) The wooden box can protect the items in the box from damage, such as leakage, waste, theft, wastage, scattering, doping, shrinkage and discoloration. During the period from production to use, protection measures are very important. If the wooden box cannot protect the items inside, this kind of packaging box is a kind of failure.
(2) In order to identify the wooden box, the product model, quantity, brand and the name of the manufacturer or retailer are usually indicated on the wooden box. The wooden box can help the warehouse manager to find the product accurately, and it can also help the consumer to find what he wants.
(3) Wooden boxes promote the sales of a certain brand, especially in self-selected stores. In the store, the wooden box grabs the customer's attention and can turn his attention into interest. Some people think, "Every wooden box is a billboard with the best longevity. Good packaging can improve the attractiveness of new products, and the value of the packaging box itself can also motivate consumers to buy a certain product."

Features of wooden boxes
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