Custom Wine Box | Wine Box Franzia

Custom Wine Box | Wine Box Franzia

The use of transparent wine boxes can effectively increase the price of the product and improve the grade and aesthetics of the product. In addition, because it is a transparent wine box, the basic information of the product can be printed on it, which can effectively improve the product value of the wine to a certain extent. Moreover, the wine packaged in the transparent wine box on the market is only customized by certain brand manufacturers, which can highlight the grade more. It can be used as a gift or as a collection, so as to ensure the normal operation of the wine box to a certain extent. use.
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Pros of Wine Box

The wine box seems simple, but the process requirements are more complicated. We have 30 years of packaging production experience and can provide customers with professional production services;
The plasticity of the wooden wine box of red wine is very strong;
When selling in the market, the red wine packaged in wooden wine boxes is much more expensive than the red wine packaged in paper. People often think that the expensive wine is good, so they will choose the wine packaged in wooden wine boxes.
Wooden wine box design and production materials are more textured and tasteful. Therefore, commodities packaged in wooden wine boxes are used by many consumers as gift boxes to give each other.
Wooden wine boxes can be crafted into many other objects after use. For example, wooden flower pots, wooden storage boxes, wooden drawer boxes, etc., bring many surprises to people's lives.
Wine boxes have high requirements on craftsmanship and materials, and require a professional team to complete production services for you.

Pros of Wine Box

Wine Box | Imitation Mahogany Wine Box

For some high-end red wines, wood is used as the outer packaging material. Show its natural and cultural temperament. For example, when designing the red wine box, Cao County Best Wood Art Co., Ltd. is based on the red wine culture with strong rural characteristics. In the design of wine packaging, a large number of wood materials are used to make the red wine box packaging of red wine. Straw is added to the inner box to complement the frosted wine bottle. It reflects the strong rural cultural characteristics of red wine. To achieve the harmonious unity of wine packaging design and wine culture.

Wine Box | Imitation Mahogany Wine Box

The wine box is made of different materials

The production materials of the sprinkle box and the paper sprinkle box are different. The sprinkle box mainly uses high-end and excellent acrylic as the main material, and the self-made effect is very high-end, which is favored by consumers in the market. The quality wine box paper uses paper as the raw material. Its greatest advantage is that it can be made very beautiful and beautiful, and can be matched with different colors and patterns. However, when the paper sprinkle box is used as a packaging material, its hardness is not high, and it is easily deformed during transportation, which will reduce the value of the product, and even cause the product to be damaged during transportation.

The wine box is made of different materials
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