Box Packaging Design | Design Of Packaging

Box Packaging Design | Design Of Packaging

Understand that the brand image is mainly composed of the image of the manufacturer, the image of the user, the image of the product itself, and the personality image of the brand itself. The packaging visual design must be able to convey the brand message including these four, and it can be regarded as a complete brand image.
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The meaning of packaging design

1. The packaging represents the brand of the company
Packaging design is as important as a company's products, packaging design plays a role in how customers perceive a company and expands a company's brand, first of all, an investment in big packaging will attract customers, an attractive packaging design can increase sales and help a company overall branding.
2. Packaging can attract the attention of customers
Good packaging design attracts the attention of customers, then the product will also be noticed and recognized. To enhance this, the company’s brand needs to be conveyed on the packaging. In this way, the correct information can be provided to the customer before the consumer buys, and the customer can make a deep first impression on the product and packaging.
3. Packaging represents sales
Effective packaging can stand out from the competition and attract customers. Therefore, if selling in a physical store, the packaging design is the first thing potential customers see on the shelf. Customers may decide whether to buy or not based on the appearance of the product's packaging. The graphic logo on the packaging must attract the buyer's attention. , Different packaging designs will also attract different customer groups, so that consumers can buy.

The meaning of packaging design

One of the important roles of product packaging design

Protect the product and facilitate storage and transportation. The most basic function of product packaging is to protect the product and facilitate storage and transportation. Effective product packaging can protect products from moisture, heat, cold, volatilization, pollution, freshness, brittleness, and deformation. Therefore, when packaging products, pay attention to the selection of product packaging materials and the technical control of packaging. The protection function is also the most basic function of packaging, even if the product is not damaged by various external forces. A commodity needs to be circulated many times before it can enter the shopping mall or other places, and finally reach the consumers. During this period, it needs to go through links such as loading and unloading, transportation, inventory, display, and sales. In the process of storage and transportation, many external factors, such as impact, pollution, light, gas, bacteria, etc., will threaten the safety of commodities. Therefore, as a packaging designer, before starting the design, you must first think about the structure and material of the packaging to ensure the safety of the goods in the circulation process.

One of the important roles of product packaging design

One of the important roles of product packaging design

Provides convenience functions. The so-called convenience function refers to whether the packaging of the product is easy to use, carry, and store. A good packaging work should be "people-oriented" and considered from the perspective of consumers, which will approach the relationship between commodities and consumers, increase consumers' desire to buy, trust in commodities, and promote consumption. communication between users and enterprises. I think that when many people buy canned beverages, they like the pleasure of the "pop" when the lid is opened. Packaging can attract attention, describe the characteristics of the product, give consumers confidence, and form a favorable overall impression. Growing consumer affluence means consumers are willing to pay more for the convenience, appearance, reliability and prestige that good packaging brings. Companies and brand image companies have realized the huge role of well-designed packaging, which helps consumers identify which company or which brand is at a glance.

One of the important roles of product packaging design
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