High Quality Package Design | Luxury Candle Package Design

High Quality Package Design | Luxury Candle Package Design

Successful packaging design should not only use elements such as shape, font, color, pattern, material, etc. to make consumers pay attention to and interest in the product, but also to correctly convey the information of the product through these design elements and expressions, so that consumers can Quickly and accurately understand product information.
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What does packaging design include

1. Trademark Design
A trademark is a symbol, a symbolic image of a business, institution, commodity and facility. Trademark is a kind of arts and crafts, which involves various fields such as politics, economic legal system and art. The characteristics of a trademark are determined by its function and form.
It needs to express the rich conveyed content in a simpler, more generalized form in a relatively small space, and at the same time requires the observer to understand its inner meaning in a relatively short period of time.
2. Graphic design
The graphics of packaging and decoration mainly refer to the image of the product and other auxiliary decorative images. Graphics as the language of design is to express the internal and external components of the image, and to convey information to consumers in the form of visual images.
To achieve this goal, the accurate positioning of the graphic design is very critical. The process of positioning is the process of getting familiar with the whole content of the product, including the nature of the product, the meaning of the trademark, the name of the product, and the status quo of similar products, which must be familiarized and studied.
3. Color design
Color design occupies an important position in packaging design. Color is an important factor in beautifying and highlighting a product. The use of packaging color is closely related to the conception and composition of the entire picture design. The color of packaging requires flatness and uniformity, which is a high level of filtering and refining of colors.
It is based on people's associations and color habits, and it is a means of packaging art to carry out a high degree of exaggeration and color change. At the same time, the color of the packaging must also be subject to the restrictions and limitations of the craftsmanship, materials, uses and sales areas.
4. Text design
Text is a symbol that conveys ideas, communicates feelings and information, and expresses the content of a certain theme. The brand name, product name, explanatory text, advertisement text and manufacturer, company or distribution unit on the product packaging reflect the essential content of the packaging. When designing packaging, these words must be considered as part of the overall design of the packaging.

What does packaging design include

Advantages of Custom Packaging

Seismo provides customers with one-stop packaging services, with a professional design team of 10 people and more than 20 packaging patents.
Promote sales and enhance brand competitiveness. Through the packaging style of exquisite shape, clear trademark, exquisite text and harmonious color, we can endorse our own brand and enhance the competitiveness of the market.
Beautiful and atmospheric, the internal and external form requirements of the packaging can make consumers happy and meet people's needs for beauty.
Environmental protection is achieved from two levels. One is to pack moderately without wasting resources; the other is to pay attention to the scientific nature of the use of materials, and to fully consider some issues attached to the packaging, such as whether there are side effects on human health, the treatment or recycling of packaging materials. Use, etc., to achieve "green" packaging.
To create a great brand that will stand the test of time, it’s not just about being beautiful, it’s all about it.
In many industries, packaging design plays an important role in the marketing of commodities and the shaping of corporate image.

Advantages of Custom Packaging

The purpose of packaging design

1. Introduce the product: Through the elements on the packaging, make consumers know the content, brand and name of the product.
2. Indicative: The shelf life of the product, nutrition table, barcode, weight limit, environmental protection label and other information must be clearly marked in accordance with the regulations.
3. Communication: In order to enhance the corporate image, some companies will attach some caring propaganda, assisting children or positive advocacy messages on the packaging, so as to have a positive interaction with consumers.
4. Occupy the shelf position: The final battlefield of commodities is in the store. Whether it is a shelf in a store or a vending machine, how to compete with competing brands and how to create a better visual space are all considerations in packaging design.
5. Active and arouse the desire to buy: The combination of packaging design and advertising can make consumers remember the goods, and then stand out from the variety of goods on the shelf.

The purpose of packaging design
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