Custom Logo Watch Box | Green Watch Box

Custom Logo Watch Box | Green Watch Box

The watch packaging design market presents two characteristics: first, the packaging of high-end watches pays great attention to the combination with the quality of the watch itself, and the packaging design focuses on reflecting the brand of the watch, highlighting the solemn and grand style; second, the packaging of ordinary watches generally focuses on novel styles, The color is beautiful and can impress customers.
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Circulation function of watch box

The sales function is a function derived from the process of commercial economicalization of the society and the market. The quality of product packaging directly affects the sales of products. Through the graphic description of the package, it guides consumers to consume the product correctly, and at the same time reflects the cultural taste of the specific product, giving people a pleasant feeling and creating added value.

The function of packaging is to protect commodities, convey commodity information, facilitate use, facilitate transportation, promote sales, and increase product added value. As a comprehensive discipline, packaging design has the duality of combining commodities and art.

Circulation function of watch box

Features of watch packaging design

Watch packaging design should be based on the characteristics of specific products, combine product information with consumers' aesthetic preferences, so as to design pleasing packaging, which involves packaging materials, packaging structure, marketing, aesthetics, psychology and other disciplines , is a highly technical comprehensive science. In addition, watch packaging design must always pay attention to understand the new trends in the international packaging market and master the ever-changing packaging information, in order to truly create a boutique watch packaging that can lead the trend.

Features of watch packaging design

The protective function of the watch box

The protection function is the most basic and principled function of packaging design. Other functions of packaging design can only continue to be designed under the premise that the protection function is realized. The protection function refers to protecting the contents from external shocks and preventing damage or deterioration of the contents caused by light and moisture. The structure and material of the packaging are directly related to the protective function of the packaging.

The protective function of the watch box

Advantages of Watch Box

The watch is fashionable and exquisite, and the requirements for the box are not only the quality, but also the style. We provide watch boxes of different materials for customers to choose;
The watch packaging box is not just a simple outer packaging box, it is also a work of art, a collection with unique charm;
The watch box is used by merchants to set off the watch, improve the image and economic value of the watch, and improve the taste of the watch;
A sturdy watch box can protect the watch from collision during transportation. Manufacturers are required to have strict requirements and fine design for the manufacture of watch boxes;
Watch boxes of different types and materials can match different types of customers.
Not only men, children's watch boxes, women's watch boxes are also in great demand in the market.

Advantages of Watch Box
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