2 processes to enhance the effect of customing lid and base gift box

2 processes to enhance the effect of customing lid and base gift box

It’s well known that fully customized lids and fully customized packaging look more elegant and luxurious. Some people are not yet familiar what is the best process to customize boxes, so we, packaging designers and manufacturers will explain two different ways of customization that will bring a more high-quality feeling to your clients.

Cutting off the boxes’ corner
Not all size packaging can have a V cut, there are certain restrictions on how and where we can use a V cut
In the packaging industry, gift box manufacturers will recommend where it can be used V cut. It depends on the size of the box.
The big box or the box with a side length of not less than 6cm can use a V groove. For smaller boxes, it is not easy to do a V cut while big boxes without a V cut will look old-fashioned.
 If the big box does not have a V-slot, the hollow part in the middle will be easily recessed, which is very ugly.

Our custom-made gift boxes will meet the 6cm length specification and V cutting will promote quality and visual sense.

Black Foil stamping
Everybody knows gold foil and silver foil stamping, but there is black foil stamping. Using black foil we just change the color of the material. Hot stamping silver and hot black gold are actually the same in form, but there is a difference in where we can use them. People think black stamping should be used on the white or light color logo but in a different way. In many cases, the black foil is used on the black kraft paper because the black foil logo has metal light that will have a strong reflection on the logo.

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